Au Revoir, 2015.

2015 was one of the best/worst years of my life. It was a crazy year of endings and beginnings. In the first few months, I spent my last few days as a medical intern. Graduated with high hopes in June. Spent long hours studying for the physician licensure exam from April to the first couple of weeks of August. Learned (and told) secrets I should never have found out or cared about in those few months, which crumbled a lot of relationships along the way. In spite of all of this, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a doctor. The success however, was bittersweet, as I went through a breakup at the same time. The next few months entailed new opportunities. New environments, new friends and acquaintances. I became more wary of who to trust and who to keep. In those last few months of 2015 I decided to do what was necessary: cut off things, attitudes and people who dragged me down; strengthened and rekindled with those who made me happy and ultimately, a better person.

I may have lost a lot of people to 2015, but ultimately, I gained so much more.

2016, I’m ready for you.




Today, I have to commit to memory a nurse who requested specifically for me to extract blood from her because I’m the only one she trusts to do the job well and second, a G5 mother following up at the OB-OPD who thanked me wholeheartedly for holding her hand while in labor a week ago and for performing the best episiorrhaphy she’s ever seen in her life.

Simple things like this remind me of the reason why I endure those long 36hour duties away from every sense of comfort imaginable. No sleep. No food. No bathroom breaks. No family to run to. But with patients who need your tired working hands the most.

Hello, 2013!

9 days ago, I bid farewell to one of the toughest years of my adult life. This new year brings along with it fresh new opportunities, a fresh new start, and of course, a fresh new face! 😉 This neonatology module is making me think of nothing but baby butts and skin smooth as butter! 🙂 Here’s a preview of some products I’ve acquired over the holidays, and most of which revolve around skin care. Can’t wait to share my thoughts on them!